Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Geographic's Found Tumblr Blog

This year, National Geographic Society is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Over its long history of exploration and education, the institution has collected thousands of images taken by their esteemed photographers. As part of its year-long celebration, National Geographic launched its Nat Geo Found, a Tumblr blog which features a collection of its visual treasures.
The Found blog is part of Nat Geo's 125th anniversary showcase, with black-and-white as well as color photographs that have never been published by the magazine. The blog is National Geographic's attempt to share more of its treasure trove of priceless photos to more audiences around the world. Most of the images on the blog have short descriptive captions, but Nat Geo welcomes viewers to share their own insights about the pictures.

More of National Geographic's amazing old photographs can be found on the Nat Geo's Found Tumblr Blog. For more entries about the National Geographic, take a look here.

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