Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dragan Markovic: Stones & Skies Cityscapes

Sometimes, the best subjects are those that are most often ignored. Landscapes have often been a great source of inspiration for artists and photographers alike, but the urban jungle also offers plenty of great scenes. Streets, buildings and shadows can all combine to make for great compositions when taken with the right light and at the right angle. Dragan Markovic proves this with his Stones & Skies cityscapes.

Dragan Markovic is a commercial photographer who has spent the last four years focusing on architectural and urban photography. In his ongoing cityscapes project entitled "Stones & Skies", Markovic takes to the streets and captures the city from a different point of view. For him, the city is a stage from which different scenes can be played out.

In these photographs, Markovic goes back to the basics of photography by focusing on composition. The simplicity of lines and colors are all too often ignored in the hustle and bustle of the city, but a brick wall or colorful carpet can offer surprising beauty when framed outside of it's surroundings.

Check out a few more examples of Markovic's cityscapes below.

Dragan Markovic's website is here, with his Stones & Skies cityscapes here. For other city landscape viewpoints, have a look at Gabriele Croppi's Metaphysics of the Urban Landscapes, Thierry Cohen's Darkened Cities and Jasper James' City Silhouettes.


T. Banacek said...

Where are all the pools of urine and used condoms? Cities are beautiful.

T. Roger Thomas said...

I like some of these. I can't imagine having a photo of a yellow brick wall hanging in my home.

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